Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mozart's Birthday is almost here!!

Well, we been talking about it for a full year now. Talking about what?? Mozart's birthday!! The whole year of 2006 we were celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday. On the 27th of January, two days from now, we'll celebrate his 251st birthday! There will probably not be quite as much celebration about one of his birthday again until 2051, when he will be 300 years old! Wow! And I'll be 103!! Even more amazing to me! But enough of this silliness. Mozart was truly one of the greatest musical geniuses that ever lived and his music makes my life so much richer and more enjoyable. Do you know the piano concertos, the violin concertos or any of his operas? If not, start there; they are so gorgeous and so exciting that you'll forget any troubles you might have. Go ahead and get yourself a new CD or some concert tickets and bathe yourself in some of the most sublime music ever!!

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