Saturday, November 17, 2007

Music Therapy and Mozart

Tonight I had the extreme pleasure of going to a reception that was a part of the American Music Therapy Associations national conference in Louisville. Many people assume that I am a music therapist but actually I am a clinical musicologist, a concert pianist and a clinical social worker. The music therapists have asked me to go through the credentialing process which for me would consist of an equivalency program. They explained to me that I would have benefits such as the support of their organization and hundreds of experienced music therapists who could greatly enrich the world that I do. I must admit they made it very tempting and I am going to consider it! Thanks so much especially to Lisa Jackert and Judith Pinkerton! I really did enjoy it and appreciate all of the good advice!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alice - I'm so glad you enjoyed the conference, and met some really good people at it. I was very pleased to meet you at the party. ~~ Michael (G. McGuire)