Monday, July 28, 2008

How was Mozart's Health?

Recently one of my clients/patients asked me about Mozart's health. What an interesting question! After all that's been in the news about how Mozart's music can do all kinds of wonderful things, we come back to Mozart's own physical and mental health. Some of the things he is purported to have suffered from include:

addictions (both sex and spending)
narsicism (understandable!)
poor overall physical health (Thus his death at age 36!)

One might ask, why didn't the music he was writing help him? Of course that's not an easy question...already, volumes have been written about it. One of his over-riding problems was poverty! He lived in cold, drafty quarters and often spent th money he earned with commissions on more velvet clothes, powdered wigs and fun out on the town! At least that's what "Amadeus" seems to be protraying.

Mozart was one of the greatest musical geniuses that ever lived. Today, no one would deny that. It's too bad he couldn't have benefited from the "Mozart Effect" himself!

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