Monday, February 02, 2009

Mozart's Birthday has come and gone!

Well phooey! Normally, I make a big deal out of Mozart's birthday because I'm a huge fan of his and some of my most sublimely ecstatic musical moments came while performing and listening to his music. The first piano concerto that was ever assigned to me by my dear teacher, Ernestine Smith, was the Concerto in c minor, slow movement. I was so proud that she thought I could do this and I practiced my little fingers to the bone! Later, I heard Mrs. Smith play Mozart's Concerto in G major with the Greenville Symphony and it was such a thrill to see that my teacher could actually practice what she preached!
The reason that Mozart's birthday slipped by me was that Louisville, KY was hit by a huge ice and snow storm and much of the city was without power for most of the week! Even though I kept my power, I had people that had to come stay with me and Mozart's birthday just slipped by.
Nevertheless, I will now offer my annual birthday special to you. Hope you can take advantage of this once a year offer. I'll leave it up for one week!

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